First Week of School

Well, we are done with our first week of school.  And I guess I need to use the term "week" loosely since we had a holiday on Monday and tomorrow is a teacher work day-which means there is no school and we can sleep in!  Hooray!  I was tired of getting up early.  I shudder to think what it will be like when I do it five days in a row..... other first world problems, when I walk Jaxson to school, the humidity totally messes with my hair.

Anywho, he's had a great first week.  They are learning the alphabet sounds and safety in and around the school.  He really liked P.E. today and told us all about it.  He also received 10 tickets this week.  And we finally found out what the tickets are for!  The teacher has a reward box and when you have a certain amount of tickets, you can pick out a reward.  He was pretty proud of his Halloween spider ring.  He now has his eyes set on a whistle.  (Oh, to be a kid again.)

He also received some "homework" for the month of September.  It's a bunch of little things that we normally did in Tot School.  Such as writing the alphabet, counting to 20, making sets of objects...etc.  Each night we have "Homework Time" where I spend about 10 minutes with him on whatever is listed on the sheet.  I try to make it fun-as in, "look!  We can spend time together while you write the capital "A" and lower-case "a" three times in a row!"  Or, "let's memorize your student ID number and pretend to type it on the computer!"  I think he is onto me though.  But thankfully, he goes along with it and I make it short so he can play or watch TV. 

Speaking of TV and toys, that boy has missed his toys!  After the first day of school, he couldn't believe that he didn't have time to play with his Rancor Pit at night.  The next morning before school, he had that toy out, his Lego helicopter, and mini-figures and was just playing away.  I guess he figured that he better get to playing since school was starting soon.  I think he appreciates his TV shows and toys a lot more now that he realizes that his day is filled up with school!

One night over dinner he told us that he had a new best friend and that he sits by him during class.  When I asked Jax what his friend's name was, he replied, "I dunno." 

His favorite part of school is definitely recess.  Each day when we walk home from school, he lets me know that he made a "strike" while playing basketball.  A "strike" in his terms means that he got the ball in the basket! 

In other news, Justin and I are looking into him being a part of a basketball team just to learn the correct terminology.  

While Jax has had a lot of fun at school, I think Julianne has had a ball being at home with me.  She has loved the undivided attention.  We play with puzzles, her Minnie Mouse house and figures, and we have gone shopping!  This girl is serious about her shopping.  She realized that she needs a purse-just like me.  She will stuff that purse full of toys.  Of course, I end up with her Hello Kitty shopping purse by the end of the shopping trip!  I've enjoyed our girly time together-although I do miss Jax a lot during the day!

29 Months {Julianne}

Julie is now 29 months.  

She love princess...especially Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella.  I do have to say that Disney sure knows how to market to little 2 year old girls.

She got a hold of chalk one day and drew on my tile.  Jaxson took it upon himself to tell her not to do that by writing on the tile "NO."  I'm sure that just confused her more.

She can reach the light switches now.  Which results in some sort of disco light show every once and while.

I've decided that Julianne must be French, not American.  She usually calls me "Ma" but lately she's been saying "Mama."  And it's pronounced "Muh-MA."  emphasis on the ending syllable of word.  She does the same with "Duh-DA" as well.  I'm not sure where she got that from.

And while we are at it-she doesn't call Jaxson by his name.  She call him "Boy."  She will say "Hi Boy!"  Funny.

Lots of new words this month.  She's exploded in her vocabulary.  And she's a talker....I guess all girls are.  My favorite words that she says are:  mermaid, Ariel, Belle....(Of course!  Thanks Disney...)

She's a busy body. She learned how to climb up Jax's bunk bed.

She can't climb down though.  I usually hear, "Muh-MA down!"  She has no fear and will always try to keep up with Jax. 

Happy 29 Months Julianne!

Toy Dog Guitars. (Yes, you can play it on bark mode.)

Justin and I are not musically inclined.  I really wish I was, but my that's another story.

Who says that toy dog guitars don't sound good? (or that I would even use those three words together in one sentence!)

Clearly, I will never bringing these two toys in my house!  Who thought that this was a toy idea?  (Someone that didn't have kids, that's who!)

When we aren't playing in the toy aisle, there is always some kind of wrestling match going on.  I caught Big Show and Randy Orten tearing up the ring the other day.

Later on in the week, Jax ended up with some bigger wrestling figures.  They go everywhere with him.  Including watching TV.

Even in a choke hold, John Cena and The Miz enjoy watching some Lego Star Wars cartoons with Jax!

Smoke keeps getting in my eyes.

I've decided that I don't like cooking dinner.  It's not the cooking part that I hate-it's that my kitchen is closed off to the rest of the house which means my kids get into all sorts of mischief while I cook.  That's the problem.  I've tried all sorts of things:  starting a DVD to keep them occupied, making them play outside, making them hang out in the kitchen with me, etc.  It doesn't matter what I try, Julie ends up in some sort of wrestling move from Jax, then Julie will hit Jax, and then it goes downhill from there.  We are working on our manners, ahem.

So I have resorted to McDonalds.  Or Taco Bell.  Or our most favorite: Cookout.  And while that solves our hunger problem, it doesn't help on our budget or the fact that MY KIDS JUST NEED TO GET ALONG.


Yesterday after quiet time, I decided to make some freezer meals.  I always did this when we lived in Washington and it was such a help!  It was time to break out all my pots and pans and get my freezer stuffed full of healthy meals (although why can't the cheddar style cheese burger at Cookout be healthy?)

I worked for 3 hours in that kitchen!  My kitchen was a mess.  

But not as messy as Julie's kitchen!  Meow Meow must've been hungry cause she was cooking up a storm for her kitty too.

After I was done cooking, I decided to set my oven on self-clean.  It was getting dirty.  Justin suggested that we through the cast iron skillet in there because that needed some cleaning help as well.  (Side note:  Alton Brown said this was ok to do on Twitter.  It comes from a reliable source...)

Y'all.  That kitchen was full of smoke and sparks were a-flaring in that oven.  And then our smoke alarms went off.  Enough was enough and we turned it off and got that cast iron skillet out of there.

But my house stunk.  We opened doors but that didn't even help.  So it was google to the rescue!  I found out that you are can to boil vinegar and it will absorb the smell.  I was desperate and the smell couldn't be any worse than smoke.

But I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.  Vinegar stings the eyes worse than smoke.  But it did replace the smell of smoke, so maybe the smoke smell is gone?  Not likely.  But it sure does smell vinegary in here!

Lessons learned:  

1.  Freezers meals will help me in the long run.

2.  Just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean it is really true.  (Hence the cast iron skillet idea or vinegar suggestion.)

3.  Meow-Meow seems to be a pretty demanding and picky eater.  Julie was working hard cooking all sorts of random combinations.

4.  Febreeze always works wonders if all else fails.  The smell is gone after multiple sprays. 


Jedi Knights in Training

A couple of nights ago, Jax and I watched Star Wars (the 1977 one!).  It was a bit retro for me since I had to use a VCR to play the VHS.  Let me tell you, that machine seemed archaic.  And really big.

And watching a VHS on a HDTV is also a bit disappointing.  But anyways-back to my story.

Jax loves Star Wars and I thought it was time to introduce the "real" one to him.  And I told him if he didn't like it, we would stop it and watch something else.  But he loved it.  He was so into the movie and got very stressed when Luke was trying to destroy the Death Star!  I had to explain some of the plot to him, but overall he did great on following the story. 

When Jax saw Luke practicing with the light saber, he told me that he really needed one too.  And I don't blame him.  What five year old boy wouldn't want a large, lighted sword to knock down my breakables and "accidentally" smack Julie with. 

We priced out the light sabers and he decided he wanted to get the ones at Target that don't light up.  But you can open and close it so you can carry it on your belt!  He started working around the house to save his money immediately.  But today at Target, I caved and just got it for him.  It surprised him to no end and he couldn't believe he was actually getting it. 

Poor little Julie let me know that she NEEDED a light saber too.  Just like her brother.  (She even showed me that she had money in her piggy bank to pay for it!)  And so I caved again.  It's a good thing I only have two kids!

Anyways, the kids have had a blast.  Nothing is broken (yet) and Julie can now defend herself in case Jax has some wild swings. 

28 Months {Julianne}

Well, little Julie is 28 months.  And she sure is a kick!

She is talking so much!  She now can say never-mind, I don't know, silly Meow-Meow, and pool.  And my personal favorite is calling me "Ma."  She always responds by saying "yes Ma" or "no Ma."  I have no idea where in the world where she got that from. 

This month Julie has learned the fine art of saying "No!"  She is at her peak of the "terrible two's."  I remember thinking that they were so hard when Jax went through it, but this time I have a different perspective.  I usually just roll my eyes and tell her that she's two.  And then I pick her up off the floor and move about my day.  Or I ignore her.  She's quickly finding that tantrums don't let her get her way.

Swimming has been a huge hit.  Here she is saying, "Dadda help jump!"  

After a couple of times going to the pool, she has also decided that she is too big for her floaty and will try to swim on her own.  She pretty much has to stay in the 2 feet area, and that's fine by her.  She is not going to wear a floaty like a baby!

Jaxson is always telling us knock-knock jokes.  And it's always the same ones.  But Julie still laughs at all of Jaxson's knock-knock jokes.  And she even plays along. 

Jax will say, "Knock Knock."

Julie:  "Woo dare?"

Jax:  "Jamaican."

Julie:  "dat woo?"

Jax:  "Jamaican me crazy, yeah!"

And then they both laugh like crazy.  Every time.  Silly kids.

Her kitty, Meow Meow is pretty much a part of the family.  He goes to the store with us and church.  Each night before bed, I tuck Julie into bed and tuck Meow Meow in as well.  Meow Meow even gets a baby bottle to drink until she falls asleep! 

But Meow Meow is very curious and always gets in trouble.  He likes to get into the potato chip bag and then she will say "no no Meow Meow!"  In stores, he likes to jump from the shopping cart and then she will tell Meow Meow "no down!" 

All around, Meow Meow is growing on me, even if Meow-Meow likes to cause a little drama once and while.

And lastly, she loves to go to the toy aisle and look at all the babies (dolls).  Last time we were at Target she found this cat-piano-toy thing.  It really is the most obnoxious toy in terms of sound.  But she loves it and will start a song and dance away.  In the middle of the aisle!  At one point in the video, she is just all over the floor.  It's a little bit of break dancing-meets modern dance?  Ha!

Happy 28 Months Julie-poolie! (aka Little Spunky, Julie-bug, Anna-banana!)

27 Months {Julianne}

Julie is still a bag lady.  She now has four purses/bags that she carries around.  Usually she stuffs her kitty in the bag and off she goes!

She loves to pretend!  Her kitty is her favorite animal right now.  Her kitty likes to give kisses and get into stuff.  The kitty's name is Meow Meow and goes everywhere right now.  As you can see from the picture below-Meow Meow is being dragged off to yet another place and both kids are pretty enthusiastic to get their picture taken. (Sheesh.  Would it be that hard to smile?!?)

When you ask Julie a question she will put her finger to her cheek and say, "hmmmmm."  Then she will say, "I know" and then let you know her opinion.  But she always has to collect her thoughts with her finger on her cheek.  I'm not sure where she got that from....I don't think any of us do that.

Julie's new phrase is "I'm back!".  She will load up her bag and then wave and say goodbye to you.  Then she will walk the circle hallway and meet back up with you with "I"m back!"  I'm thoroughly impressed that she assumes that I've been waiting on pins and needles until she graces me with her presence again.

Justin bought the RooCup so he could get 25 cent refills this summer.  When he walks in the door with it, Julie assumes it is just for her.  And will drink the whole thing.  I'm not sure a 2 year old should have a coke slush in the afternoon.  That might be sugar/caffeine overload!
Here she is telling Jaxson "one minute" while she slurps away.

Oh Julianne!  Happy 27th months!


Summer has begun and the Jax has already said that he's bored.

I did what every mom does when they hear that statement.  I told both kids to go into the room and find a toy to play with.  Cause if they aren't playing with toys-then they aren't getting any for Christmas.  Jax is young enough to believe that nonsense.  Ha!

Anyways, while I was working on my Project Life Album I assumed that they were playing with toys and having a blast.  Well, I was right about the part that they were having a blast.  They had taken off with my phone and were taking pictures of each other.  

I sure enjoyed having 66 new pictures of them posing on my camera roll.  But what I enjoyed even more was that Julianne had actually posed for Jax and smiled.  I can't get that girl to sit still for a second!  I was pretty impressed with his skills.  And Jax modeling for the camera?  Let's just say I had a good laugh at all his poses!

Summer has officially began.

Can you guess what we have been up to?  Yup, the "pfooool" as Julie calls it!  And we have had a blast.  Yesterday was our first day to go and both Julie and Jax were a little hesitant in the water at first.  Julie hung onto me the whole time and I felt like one of those monkeys who carry their babies on their backs.  But today, Jax was all over the place without his floaty (in the shallow end) and little Julie is swimming up a storm with the help of her floaty. 

Meanwhile, I've been working on my tan and Justin is catching up on his reading.  The best part of the pool is when we come home and the kids are tuckered out and ready for bed!  It's so easy to put them to bed without having them get up a million times for "another drink of water."

And even after swimming for four hours today, poor little Julie cried when I told her we needed to go home.  She was having THAT much fun!

All Dressed Up

We attended a wedding last weekend so that meant it was time to dress up!  Here are some pictures I managed to get of us:

This by far is my favorite sequence of pictures.  I told Jax to get closer to Julie and he put his arm around her.  She was just not having that!

It was a beautiful wedding in Old Salem.  And beautiful weather too!