It's something fried....

Justin brought the South to the Northwest last night. 

Can you guess what it is?


Fried Pickles!  They were pretty good.  Nothing like some good ol’ southern cooking, if I must say!


Tall Timber (according to Jax)

He fell asleep on the drive with the bottle in his mouth!


He pushed the chairs around in the Lodge and would run into everyone.  They all thought it was cute!

Jax and Dada

Jax and Moma



Fell asleep on the ride back to our room.

Playing Bingo with the big kids!  (actually he just tried to eat all the pieces!)


Merry Christmas!

Jax had a great first Christmas.  He made out like a bandit with all those toys that he got.  I thought the presents just for him would start overtaking our living room!  He is one loved little boy with everyone.

Yeah, I know. He has a toothbrush in his mouth.  He really has a thing for it!

Not only was this Jax's first Christmas, but also his First Communion.  Yup, by accident.  You see, as we were taking Communion at the Christmas Eve Service, one of the servers reached over to Justin and I to get the bread.  Jax took that as he needed the bread too, and took a piece.  And ate it!  Justin and I looked at each other in disbelief!  Then when the juice came around, Jax proceeded to grab the cups.  Ah, but we were smarter than Jax!  We pulled the tray away, only to have Jax somehow knock two cups off!  It spilled every where on Jax and Justin.  Grape juice.  Ugh, stains!  However, me being prepared, I pulled out a handy dandy Shout Wipe and they got all cleaned off.  Since there was still grape juice left in the cup, Justin gave it to Jax.  I guess he figured he might as well since he had the bread.  And really, it was ok for Jax to take Communion.  He's been baptized!  I guess we will never forget his First Communion!

We were at the candle lighting service so when the candles came around we promptly moved Jax to a secure area!

On Christmas Eve, we went out to dinner to a Mexican restaurant.  We were the only people there!  Talk about fast service!

Jax opened the rest of his presents on Christmas Day.  He enjoyed the wrapping paper and played with each of his toys.  I do think he got a little overwhelmed by all the toys though! 

Waiting at Gymboree

I just found this photo of Jax on Justin's computer.  He's at Gymboree and both of the boys were waiting for me as I shopped for Jax.  They have these little chairs and tv in the store for the kids to be entertained.  It's a pretty good set up.  But I see that Justin and Jax were having fun with the camera too.  How cute!  We need one of these little chairs at home for him!


At 16 degrees, you don't even feel're just frozen!  And is it sad that I am excited that tomorrow it should be about 40 degrees.  That's a tropical heatwave to me!  Jax and I are going to make cookies today and sit by the fire....and brace for this storm.


Winter Wonderland

Apparently, we live in Alaska, not the Pacific Northwest.  The snow has been here since Sunday.  And it is not going away.  We are suppose to get another snow storm tomorrow night..this time with high winds.  I've got firewood, candles, and food just in case we lose power.  We also filled up Justin's truck just in case we want to leave.  No power means you can't pump gas...and that could be a problem!

Today, we did venture out into this Winter Wonderland.  Justin has four wheel drive on his truck so we went to Walmart to stock up.  And everyone in town had that same idea.  But atleast we know we are prepared now.  The roads weren't too bad today, but they sure will be icy tonight.  Glad we are staying home and keeping warm!

11 Months

Well, Jax is now 11 months old.  What isn't he doing now?  He gets into everything, loves the kitties, loves to play peek a boo with Daddy, loves food, etc.

He has tried to take a couple of steps on his own, but falls.  It's going to be any day now!

It's been very cold here.  We had to bundle Jax up last night when we headed to church.  He did not like being in all that!  But it kept him warm so that is what counts.


We are still cold!  But I woke up this morning and there is about 2 inches of snow outside.  And it is still snowing!  I'll have to run my errands another day and crank up a fire in the fireplace and make some hot chocolate instead.  I plan on taking Jax outside today to experience this snow.  Hopefully, it will make for some cute pics!



It's so cold out here.  We've had great weather but all of a sudden we have a cold front coming through that will put it in the 20's.  I am not looking forward to that.  Luckily, I will just start up a fire in my fireplace and enjoy it!  

We are getting ready for Christmas.  Our little tree is up and out of Jaxson's way.  It's a three foot tree and I put it on top of a table.  I wasn't taking in chances with him.  He gets into everything!  I've already caught him getting into the presents and poking at them.  He even picks them up and drops them.  Oh, I hope there is nothing breakable in there!  The worst part is that he doesn't even know he is getting into the presents, he just thinks he has something else to check out!  

My days now consist of chasing after him and telling him "no"!  He sure is a lot of fun, even though I am worn out by the end of the day!

Jax Meets Santa

On Saturday night, our church had a Christmas Party.  Santa took some time out of his busy schedule to visit all the kids and deliver some candy canes and presents.  :)  It was too cute. 
Here is Jax sitting on his lap.  He isn't quite sure of Santa or of his beard.  He kept touching it and looking for Justin and I.  It was very cute.  Santa gave him a toy dump truck and he loves it.  He rolls it around the living room and laughs at it!